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Oct 21, - This raises an important question for science: What's it like to have sex when you've got synesthesia? Their neurological pathways are jumbled in such a way that they associate seemingly unrelated senses or mental states with other senses or . "Yeah, the wall exploded and my vision went purple. You?Missing: firecracker. What an orgasm feels like: describe your orgasm in words Renae. Age: 25. Busty Sexy Brunette Escort Victoria! rnTantra massage, body-of -body massage,naked massage and more I can't really explain it. I came here to see if anyone knew about "visions" that I have after sex. Mar 22, - I'm getting weird synesthetic visions almost every time I have sex now. I can't really explain it. Last night, I was having sex with Rowdy, and I was seeing gold vines twining up a green background, forming shapes like an Oriental rug. I was still aware of the room in reality, and of Rowdy of course, but every  Missing: firecracker ‎mental. Margarita. Age: 22. Anal Girl on the Net Dec 22, - The closer I feel to someone, the more likely I'm going to enjoy fireworks of symmetry and sparkling hues to make my orgasm even more explosive. Good luck to me even seeing stars if I'm on a one night stand. The other downsides are almost passing out on numerous occasions, sudden headaches, and  Missing: mental. In transcendent sex, there is a pervasive sense that these events participate in, or come from, a supernatural force, which people usually associate with Spirit, however understood. Whether it's stepping into another reality, seeing visions, being possessed by a power animal or imploding into the utter emptiness of the Void,  Missing: firecracker ‎mental.

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Carol. Age: 30. Transferring from sugar baby to the escort industry Nov 16, - A man lost vision in one eye after performing the valsalva maneuver while having an orgasm, according to a case study published in the exmeleg.infog: firecracker ‎mental. Nov 16, - Every year during the religious festival of Deepavali (Diwali), which is known as the festival of lights, dozens of people are admitted to hospitals in India with eye injuries caused by firecrackers. It was about six months after I'd been living by myself, and I hadn't had sex in a long time. I think I'd been going for about an hour, and thought I might never orgasm. I'd edged close to that precipice but each time my body shut down- something mental was going on for me, some sort of shame about sex would kick in and.


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