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Jul 19, - It is ecologically sound: far less water is needed to flush the contents of your bladder down a sink than down even a low-flo toilet. It is not messy: the It is hygienic: urine is sterile in anyone who does not have an infection. Peeing in the sink is probably more hygienic than standing up and peeing in the toilet. No matter  Why would anyone piss in the bathroom sink? Toward a Grand Unifying Theory of Why Men Pee in the Sink Angie. Age: 23. Please send me SmS +33 Peeing while erect can be a messy affair. It's now getting to the point where she's noticing things so my wife and I are going to have to get ready at different times or something. If we can reach agreement that peeing in the sink is a sound practice then men who pee in the toilet may think twice about their wastrel toilet usage and start peeing in the sink as a . I would seriously like to see an episode of you drinking your own urine and then you come back here and tell us that it's ok. Briella. Age: 28. I not only beautiful but intelligent charming and a delightful warm friendly personality Toward a Grand Unifying Theory of Why Men Pee in the Sink i don't know why, but i prefer peeing in the sink as to peeing in the toilet. i can't even recall the last time i actually pee'd in my home toilet w/o taking a sh*t. do any of u kno dat feel? or .. i dont understand? my sinks in my house are above my waist height so how am i meant to wee in them? confuzed. u wot  It's SOOOO much easier to just piss in the sink instead of. I've been a long time sink-pisser and i've never looked back. Here are some of my personal advantages to going in the sink, from experience. *1 Overall more convenient. The sink is closer to the door than the toilet. And if I'm tired I don't have to worry about incorrect aim, I can auto pilot when peeing in the  Hot pee-pee drama as users go to great lengths to justify peeing.

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Siri. Age: 24. If what you seek is high quality and high intensity GFE entertainment then please bookmark my page and add me to your all time favorite's list! I never disappoint my fans, I strive to be the best time you have ever had! I am 25 years old, very active, non smoker and just full of unbounded energy Jul 14, - Thus peeing in the sink is the 'green' way to pee (though if you are peeing green, you should probably just use the toilet). Other than the 'ick I challenge anyone to come up with a single good reason why peeing in the sink should not become the preferred method of disposing of urine. Do it for me and. @JOEHATCH Conversly, I would be extremely turned on if I saw Madonna desperate to pee.  reminds me. Jul 7, - The most common defense for peeing in the sink is that it's the best way to urinate while harboring an early morning or post-coitus erection. Peeing while erect can be a messy affair. Unlike a flaccid dong that droops down toward the toilet bowl, an erect one is horizontal (more or less), making it hard to aim.


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