How do i know if i lost my virginity

Nov 20, - I think he teared my hymen.. but can this happen this quick?! because I pushed him away immediately after i felt he's in that zone . I'm really confused and i don't even know if it the blood was from a cut or if i lost my virginity although it was not decided and it was not the right place or the right time. I really don't know if I lost my virginity or not, please advise me. - relationship advice Julianna. Age: 23. Hi! I'm Cori, a 21 year old playful little squirt next door I remember being totally shocked at the physicality of it when I first did. Oct 2, - This was the case with Laura, 23, who says: “It was important to me that I lost my virginity to someone I loved. Cherry picking: how to tell if you've lost your virginity. (Picture: Ella Byworth for If you want it to. There's no accepted definition for how bum sex relates to virginity, so it's pretty much. Remy. Age: 30. I enjoy travelling, good food & wine & also being spoilt. I really don't know if I lost my virginity or not, please advise me. Jan 28, - But I was wet and he was hard,so when I sat down on his lap,I felt his penis but I didn't feel it go inside of my vagina.I kind of think it went in though.I felt emotional it did go in it didn't go in all the I know I felt different and my vagina was in pain for two days tell me if I'm still a. How Do I Know If I Lost My Virginity, Im Really Scared.. My boyfriend was fingerin me or what eva and I am only used to 1 finger, and I know he put more then one finger and did it really ruff so im thinkin that he put to many in and just tore the hyme thing but aint lost my virginity, but im bleedin a lil.

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Tiffany. Age: 26. Threfore... Do not hesitate, nor wait any longer... I am sure that we can spend a wonderful time together! I live in prague, but please consider that i am available for travel as well. Apr 6, - When I got home I went to the bathroom and I saw that there was blood down there, and it felt sore. I really didn't want to or mean to have sex, but I don't know if I did or not. Am I still a virgin? I really don't want to have lost my virginity under those conditions. Also, should I be worried about getting pregnant? Jan 8, - Now I dont use tampons and never had sex before. So, I dont even know if I lost my virginity or not. We have continued to do this, but we just call it 1/2 sex. Can anyone tell me how to know if I am still a virgin or not? You would think this is kinda like you're pregnant or not, but neither of us can figure this out. Jul 26, - I am unsure if I had sex last night and lost my virginity last night. I have a lot of family issues going on at the moment and i have just ended a relationship. I was out with a group of friends and got very drunk and went back to a friend of a friends house. Now i know from stories he was very nice so i felt.


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