Alchoal on my pee hole

What do I do? I'll ask my doctor the next time I see her but in the meantime perhaps someone can enlighten me Edit: it doesn't burn when I pee; this is immediately upon swallowing the alcohol, even a sip. I do feel like I need to pee as the burning sensation hits, but I don't. 16 comments; share; save. does the tip of my dick sting when I drink alcohol. Immediate burning in urethra after drinking alcohol. : self Veronica. Age: 22. (OUTCALL ONLY) Fusebox Banned Oct 4, Feb 27, - Considering what your other questions were, I have my doubts. But if you did then call poison control, common sense. God Bless. Heather. Age: 27. I will very happy invite you or come to your place or hotel for nice moments I put alcohol in pee hole by accident!? Feb 16, - General overview. The medical term for the experience of burning urine is called dysuria. Dysuria is usually also associated with symptoms such as increased urinary frequency, urgency and sometimes also haematuria (blood in the urine). Dysuria can occur due to various reasons which can be divided into. Nov 10, - Anyway, onto the topic of urethral pain, this seems to be my main problem area. I get burning before and after I urinate. If i drink a lot of water, this pain is very minimal or even not there at all on a good day. However, if I do not drink much water, or if I have drank alcohol the night before, I experience awful.

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Luna. Age: 28. Bonjour mon cher! Merci de m’avoir choisi! Je m’appelle Marinne Oct 3, - So there I was, in the shower. Soaping up my feet when all of the sudden I feel a burning sensation on my dick and I like down and sure enough I can see the soap right on the tip. It burned really bad for like 10 seconds. Then I decided to run my junk under the lukewarm shower water thinking it would make. lmao i know its not VD because i already asked my doctor about it and i am clean of any detectable VD. he said its not that nor a UTI, he said if it bothered me enough i should come back in and have a camera shoved in my pee hole. it doesnt bother me enough to shove a camera in my pee hole. lol. May 7, - Eliminating or cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, both of which may irritate the bladder and make you more susceptible to infection. Drinking plenty of water is always a good idea for prevention and is especially useful if you start to feel any symptoms. If you're sexually active, peeing before and after sex.


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