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Jul 10, - Hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels in the rectum and anus become irritated and swell, stretching the walls of the rectum and anus. If anal sex is something you really enjoy and choose to resume after treatment, consider asking your boyfriend to penetrate you with a smaller object such as a butt plug. Anal Sex = Bigger Butt?? - Women's Health - Fitness, Sex, Relationships, Weight Loss Cody. Age: 30. Make your fantasies to reality!!!non-rush&very open minded I think if you stick huge things into your asshole all the time you have to expect it to naturally wear out after awhile. At your age you could take baseball bat regularly and stay tight. Jan 16, - After chatting with a year-old mom who loves anal sex, I got to thinking about the precise ways in which anal is taboo — and how to mythbust them. Many women find it incredibly pleasurable, and some even report having orgasms with them. If you and The myth: Your anus will get all stretched out. Cassie. Age: 28. i assure you, that i am a wonderful companion, i am witty, charming, chatty and i promise that we will laugh together a lot. I will charm you, i will entertain you, i will fulfill you and will disappear..if you have impeccable taste and are in search of an absolute discreet, sophisticated girlfriend companion with the perfect blend of beauty,intelligence and class, look no further… a classy beautiful with blue eyes to seduce you ! Does your butthole tight up again? May 2, - Does your anus really stretch out and leave a big hole like that once the penis enters? A female reader, anonymous, writes (3 May ): . months. my hole has went like that after the first couple of times. it was very tight but it did loosen up. its like going for a number2 it stretches male or female all of the. Feb 5, - While the research found that both men and women can suffer from fecal incontinence because of anal sex, it's men who suffer from it more. I guess that throws a wee bit of a wrench into the benefits of anal sex, because no one, and I mean no one, wants a leaky butt. Of the 6, adults surveyed nationally.

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Stacey. Age: 22. Deep Throat I have had anal sex before and I promise it does not make your butt bigger. It does hurt at first but after a while its not so bad. Its definally not something I like to do all the time though!! Also keep in mind, your vaginal muscles are stretched during sex. Well, so is your anal wall during anal exmeleg.infoe me I. Whatever your goal, stretching not only feels amazing, it enables you to enjoy extreme dildos, fisting and other activities which take up more room in your bum, and it After a good anal stretching session, it takes about three to six hours for the anus to return to normal, so make sure you take it easy afterwards and give your. I posted this on another forum and thought it could be usefull here too. Maybe you guys after reading it will have some tips or erotic ideas for me too. Anal Stretching Guide: Do the Following with lots of Lube(no numbing lube, pain is a useful indicator) and patience. There should be no pain. If there's pain.


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